Acupuncture for Anxiety

What is Anxiety?
Anxiety is the phase of being worried, uneasy, and overwhelmed and acupuncture for anxiety appears to be the right option. At present, there are many different names for the anxiety in the western medicine still there are a few parallels between them.

What are its symptoms?
Signs & symptoms might consist of following:

Feeling of not capable to breathe rightly
Feeling overwhelmed
Chest tightness
Over thinking or over worrying

What is Western Treatment?
The western medicine generally deals with the anxiety by using anti-anxiety medications to stop the emotional messages getting in your brain. An issue with this is causes of anxiety are not being looked… just the symptom. It means that when block is lifted (while you stop taking your medication) it is possible that the problem can be there.

Pain Free Acupuncture
I feel there is not just one treatment, which is safer & more effective in treating the anxiety cause than the Pain Free Acupuncture for anxiety and depression is considered best.

Anxiety is been addressed by the Pain Free Acupuncture for anxiety and panic attacks by focusing on three major organs: liver, spleen & kidneys.

Liver Imbalance
Liver regulates flow of nutrients, energy as well as information to our cells. It is a first organ being impacted by the emotions and stress and drug and alcohol abuse. When the stress attacks liver, imagine our liver tensing up. While it does this energy, information and nutrients, which was moving very smoothly throughout these channels now starts to get stagnant.

Individuals with the liver imbalances have the tendency to get wound up emotionally and having lots of frustration and irritation that they internalize. This leads to stagnation and heat in body causing the anxiety.

Basically Acupuncture for anxiety and stress reduces stagnation, heat and person starts to feel much better very fast as the energy, nutrients, and hormones are all moving consistently in your body.

When spleen gets deficient it is harder to break down on our meals. When our blood does not have the right quantity of the nutrients then our heart starts to feel a little tired and weak. When our body is tired we are more prone to feeling very anxious.
Kidneys moreover relate to fear. Thus, any time when we have the significant fear of something that it weakens our kidneys & leads to anxiety. It must be pointed that the acupressure is not the substitute for the professional diagnosis & acupuncture for anxiety treatments for specific individual.

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