Best Natural Herbs for Depression Help Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Feeling stress is normal thing. However, if the stress continues to persist over and over again without any acceptable reason, it may lead to depression. Depression may cause fatigue and tense feeling. Severe depression may unable a person to control their emotions.

There are ways to overcome anxiety using natural herbs for depression. For instance, passionflower tea is believed to be one of the best herbs for depression. It may calm the sufferer’s emotion that could lead to poor concentration. Other herbs for depression such as bergamot oil are essential for relieving stress.

Essential oils

The essential oil mixes formulated for the depression is used as the massage oils and put on a space between nose & upper lip. Do not apply the essential oils on your skin. Mix them with the carrier or base oil.

Mix around 15drops of the geranium, 10drops of the bergamot as well as 5drops of the lavender essential oil with 2 tablespoons of the base oil like grape seed, avocado, sweet almond and apricot kernel. On the other hand, make use of 15drops of the geranium, 12drops of the nutmeg & eight drops of the neroli oil. For the chronic depression three drops of the osmanthus oil and three drops of the jasmine oil can bring relief.

To overcome drowsiness, herbs for depression and anxiety like valerian has significant effect to cure insomnia- the cause of drowsiness. You may try one of these herbs for depression and stress, and notice the health improvement for yourself. Cost effectual natural remedies for the depression include the essential oils, antidepressant herbs, selected mineral and vitamin supplements as well as physical exercise.

Herbal tinctures

The herbs for depression are taken best as the tincture. The herbal tinctures like St John’s wort, vervain, rose, or oats are shown to be very beneficial for the mild depression. You may buy the tinctures ready made from the herbal stores. Take 2ml of the chosen tincture diluted in little water, 2 to 3 times daily. While taking St John’s wort you need to avoid any excessive exposure to UV light or sun. In case, you are taking other medication, then consult the specialist prior to taking a tincture.

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